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 Monopoly Competition Market Structure - DEWA (Dubai Electricity and Water Authority) DEWA (Dubai Electricity and Water Authority) they looks into the supply of the electricity and water throughout the whole city Dubai, it has done a research at once whereby no one else has the common information how they did organize their organization and the supplies they are providing. It is called as a monopoly firm as it is the one and only firm in the city to provide electricity and water supplies where areas no one can, it has the whole city of buyers and they are their own sellers to the community. It sets its own pricing as it wills to with all of their cost deducted. It is very difficult for other firms to enter this kind of monopoly competition as DEWA uses its unique resources which are few of resources available at its market. Their production process is very much differentiated from other kinds of firms in the region, which is called as huge differentiation in marketing process. Today DEWA representatives as a workforce of over 9,000 workers who continually try to see that both the amount and nature of services gave are of the most efficient and highly productive guidelines in consistency and dependability. In Dubai, DEWA gives over 600,000 client’s power and over 500,000 clients with water. Now days, after close something like five decades, DEWA is a motivating example of overcoming adversity known for its productivity and dependability in every aspect of its operations. Constant strategy arranging and estimating to meet the developing requests of the client has dependably been DEWA's overall settled in reasoning. Owing to this strategy, DEWA has progressed beyond anyone's expectations in serving the clients and accordingly makin... ... middle of paper ... ...arket on their own, without anyone’s intervention likewise Etisalat is one of the networking operator and Du is second of the networking operating organization in the market. There are no more such competitors in the specific field of network operator so it is called as the duopoly. Etisalat & Du -: It is the largest telecommunication firm operating in the UAE as a duopoly, there are around 200million present subscribers in UAE, Etisalat / Du focuses on the telecommunication field, date networking field and Wireless/Broadband network services. These kinds of firms are filled with all kind of technologies in the present age. They provide the mobile network at first place to all of the 7 emirates which is the country. They provide the internet/broadband services at second place to all of the 7 emirates. They are the 1st networking operators in all the GCC countries.
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