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A Marketing objective is the aim in which a company or marketing strategy want to achieve in order to be successful within their business or market. Not having a marketing objective, could cause disorganization and could let other rival companies obtain you clientele/consumers. A marketing objective is to, analyze the market, being innovative; creating and producing new products and ideas and staying ahead of other competitors. Most marketing objectives for businesses are ‘SMART’, specific- their objectives and goals should specifically show what they want to achieve, measurable- they should be able to measure whether they are meeting their objectives, achievable- they should be able to analyze whether these objectives are achievable/attainable, realistic- are the goals/objectives set that are realistically achievable and time- in what duration does the business wish to achieve their set objectives?
The role functional areas play in supporting marketing activity.
Marketing determines what products or services are needed or maybe of interest to customers and how to make them available. Marketing responds to customer’s needs. Marketing make sure that the company builds good customer and clientele relationships. Some of the roles of the marketing department include; making sure the product has a target customer and the product fits in well with this, creating and promoting the product, making sure it has a strong brand and a well-built reputation and looking into new markets seeing if there is a niche that they could develop. They also analyse the company’s ability, development, targets/goals, performance and further potential to develop.
The role of finance is to ensure that the funds are available to the company ...

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... banner ads, and emails , personal selling- persuading customer/consumers to buying the product through Sales presentations, sales meetings, face to face selling, via telephone etc. , sales promotion- to increase the consumers demand over a limited period of time i.e. discount, coupons etc. , public relations- is promoting a product usually with media on or in favorable place like the advert of a well-known TV show, the banner of YouTube or Facebook so on and direct marketing- this allows business to promote and communicate direct to the consumer for example, text messaging or emailing.
Finally the product. The product is where everything must focus to and effects everything within the marketing mix. The product within the marketing mix is not only the product itself but how the consumers value this product. The appearance of the product must fit the needs
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