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To start off, I’m going to be talking about bullying. Bullying is something that can make someone feel sad, emotional, can have suicidal thoughts, cutting, and suicides and many more feelings I can’t even explain. I’m going to talk about how different bullying can make a person feel. Bullying is a threat to some people; it can also be an abuse. Depends what kind of bullying it is. For example there’s 3 different type of bullying’s like Physical Bullying, Emotional bullying and Cyber Bullying. All those types of bullying can change someone’s life easily. I mean it’s bullying, the words people say to a male or female can cause them suicidal thoughts. People these days have to think about what they are going to say before they say it. Bullying are threats to people. Sometimes there is abuse bullying where someone can touch a person or hit them to for the fun. There is also internet bullying where they could call you names in the internet, which is not right at all. And finally there is emotional bullying where they tell / call you something that can get to your mind and suddenly break down. All these types of bullying have to stop now!
The first type of bullying I’m going to talk about is Physical Bullying. Physical Bullying is when a person touches another person just for the fun of it or just because they feel like doing it. To begin with, touching someone is not cool. Especially if they haven’t done anything to you, so why hurt people for no reason? If only you were in their shoes, you would feel how they feel. Hitting people is not fair for some people who don’t deserve it at ALL. Why hit people though? Imagine them hitting you for no reason. How would you like that? Probably you wouldn’t like it becau...

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.... Imagine you being that person that everyone makes fun of. Wouldn’t feel cool right? My final point is that any kind of bullying is not cool. Think before you speak. Your hurting someone’s innocence and making them suffer for no reason.
I hope I have convinced you to stop this nonsense and leave everyone alone. Any kind of bullying is not cool at all. You can hurt anyone’s feelings just by one word. THINK before saying ANYTHING. You never know how much you can hurt that person. So what if it was only one word, it can mean so much to a person. Bullying isn’t a game, why play around like that? Just imagine you being in there shoes. You would probably regret saying all those kind of things to a female / male. Always remember one word can cause a scratch on someone’s skin or maybe they’ll feel like give up their life already. Think about that.
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