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Not everyone knows about the history about the shaping of today’s society. The Brown vs Board of Education case was a turning point for the African Americans trying to fit into the white society. The labels they put on people soon ended after this case. Although, many disputes were in the south due to the large racial minority. Africans faces laws and customs that prevented them from a normal life.”Brown Vs Board Of education case of 1954 legally ended decades of racial segregation.”(Brown Vs board of Education,2). Brown Vs. Board of Education in America paradigm became a milestone not only in African Americans battle for equality, but all citizens rights. Education played a major influence in the case. African American children often suffered of poor school conditions. Primarily, They had to share seats and books because they were not provided with enough. Classrooms had a capacity of at least twenty children and had not heating or central air conditioning. On top of that they dealt with a poor curriculum. “The curriculum was usually rudimentary;ungraded schools were three months a year in many states.”(Topeka, Kansas,3). African Americans usually never even made it to a high school level of education and if they were able to get there the school did not even have the right resources to teach them what they needed to learn. There was no African American child recorded for attending an university. People everywhere felt they whites were superior and would be best suited for a high school of university level of teaching. Another Impact of the segregation of schools is how it affected the children.” Education of negroes was almost non-existence and practically all of the race was illiterate.”(Brown vs Board Of education,6). The se... ... middle of paper ... ... to a an area that would charge blacks extra money to live there. The people fought for what they believed in and even though it was a struggle they made sure everyone was equal. Brown Vs Board of Education In America Paradigm became a milestone not only in African Americans battle for equality,but all citizens rights.The brown Vs board of education made an impact on the civil rights movements by changing the segregational laws. They had been through strenuous efforts to make a difference. We learn today its good to be different and to stand out,but They lived in a crazed society where people could not match up to anyone.What does skin color or ethnic background have to do how someone is perceived? Why should it matter if different colors attended the same school. Some of the easiest questions require the most complicated answers that leave you all the more baffled.
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