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Humor can be a difficult thing to define, and for some people, difficult to understand. It varies from country to country and is different everywhere you go. To fully understand the different types of humor you would have to first look at what truly defines humor. There are three main types of humor and each one is different from the other. Some people prefer to listen to particularly funny stories while others prefer to watch a comedic play that will make them laugh continuously. These two examples are called funny quality. Sometimes a person doesn’t even need a funny event to unfold in front of them and they will still find the need to laugh. These people have to the ability to see things as funny regardless whether they are actually funny or not. That gives the person a sense of humor that many find unique and sometimes strange. The most popular type of humor, and the one that is used most often, is funny things as a genre. These are things that are written out specifically for an audience and for crowds of people. Stand up shows, T.V shows, and comedic movies utilize this type of humor to reach out to audiences to make them laugh. However, what happens when one culture finds comedic quality in one thing while the other does not? When pure British and American comedy are compared to one another there are a multitude of things that differentiate the two. British humor to most Americans is would not be considered funny. Most of the Americans wouldn't even understand a joke that was being told to them by a British person. Is the difference really that big that diverse that two countries that both speak the same language find each other unfunny? Somehow we are divided by the same language, and the difference is huge. British hu... ... middle of paper ... ...also goes for American humor being brought over into Britain. Laughter is universal and everybody, regardless of what county they are from, enjoys laughing. Although we are divided by by the same language we all have the same objective. The goal is to make everyone laugh and why not do it through comedy? The British go for a more dry, witty, dark and complex type of humor, something that Americans don't quite understand and would take a joke as serious due to the nature of sarcasm and subtle meaning behind their jokes. American jokes, however, gravitate toward being more direct and forward. They are straight to the point and are usually more positive, and a lot of the times the humor is really found in the stupidity of the joke. The objective is to make everyone laugh, and how we do it really depends and where we are from and what we personally define as funny.

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