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In an early childhood setting there are various forms of literature available to enhance children's language like songs, rhymes, play, game, books, factual writing etc. However, I have chosen a picture book to enhance the language learning program because there are endless advantages of books& reading.
Factors considered while choosing the book
Any book that helps a child to form a habit of reading, to make reading one of his deep and continuing need, is good for him.(Maya Angelou)
There is a growing research to demonstarte that the types of books selected to read with children impact on their emergent literacy.(Stahl,2003).Therefore, as an educator I have considered various factors before choosing this book which are :
-effectiveness of literary element, format of the book
-Whether the book is free from streotypes, pictures and text complement each other, the book is aesthetically pleasing ,meet the needs and interest of the children, illustrations are accurately reflecting the text,the content is appropriate ( its not disstressing or frightening), children will get a sence of the basic concepts of the story sequence by looking at the pictures.
Jalongo (2000) statement assisted me to some extent, in selecting this book. According to him, for children aged 2-4 ideally books should be brief, have simple plots, rhyme or have rhythm, involve repetition and have a satisfying ending. For children aged 4-7 books that incorporate imagination, fantasy, humour and a level of predictability are developmentally appropriate.

The Name of the book I have choosen is:
Dinosaur Rescue!

About the Author
This book is written and illustrated byPenny Dale who is an internationally-known, best-selling children’s book artist and author. Her much-lo...

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...sign. For example- They learn to pause on a full stop etc.
The simple action of finger pointing at words or phrases during storybook reading is found to assist children to acquire important skills such as the ability to track print, and develop alphabet knowledge, phonemic awareness and word recognisition skills ( Morris, 1993;Stahl,2003).

(Douglas Coupland )
This book can be successfully used at all three levels ( individual, group and large group) quite effectively but before that I will get familier with it and practice skilful delivery using props, sound effects , mimcry etc.
Individual child or Small Group
Reading with an individual child or a small group is hugely valuable as its provides the opportunity to build a secure attachment with the children and address their individual learning style.According to Wasik(2008), small group time enables children to ha
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