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Anniara still wasn’t home, she wasn’t the kind to have one night stands but then again she wasn’t exactly in the right state of mind. I tried calling her a bunch of times but her phone was switched off.
“Hello, Petty.” Anniara said walking in.
She was in yesterday’s crumpled clothes; her hair was in a messy bun but honestly she looked like a supermodel as she sauntered into the room.
“Where were you last night?”
“Is Logan still here?” she asked going to her bedroom.
“He left this morning after you didn’t seem like you were going to show up.”
“I stayed over at a friend’s house.” She said going to the bathroom with her towel and a fresh pair of clothes.
I waited for the shower to turn on before I left her room closing the door behind me. James was at his sister’s place and Sienna was at work, so I had the house pretty much to myself for now. I decided to cook some breakfast before Anniara got out the shower.

I turned around and walked back into Anniara’s room. I banged on the bathroom door.
“Anniara open up right now!”
She opened the door a moment later, she hadn’t gotten into the shower yet as she was still dry which was perfect.
“Put your clothes on” I told her
I left the room and grabbed the car keys before walking back to her room. She was still standing there with her towel wrapped around her. I waved my hands in front her face.
“What’s going on?” she asked
“Put your clothes on, we have to go somewhere.”
“Just trust me”

She closed the bathroom door and opened it five minutes later fully dressed, and hair done in a lose pony tail. She followed me out the apartment and to the garage. I got inside the driver’s seat; she raised her eyebrows before getting into the passenger seat. She asked me again where ...

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...ed her head and we both jumped of the cliff and into the water.
Chapter 3


I swam deep into the river, losing myself in the water. Petty’s question was stuck in my head. Why didn’t I love him anymore? When I was younger, I made a list with Sienna. In this list we both wrote down every quality we wanted our dream man to have. And that’s how I knew that I should’ve loved him. After all he was everything I wanted, ticked every box. But for some reason I’d stopped wanting to love him. I’d began to see him for what he was, a mere friend. There could be no future between us and even if there could be I didn’t want one. He was Logan my first crush, my first infatuation. I don’t know where this sudden clarity came from. Maybe it was because there was suddenly a chance, he loved me like I had once wanted him to and that’s all it took for me to know that I didn’t.
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