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It was the summer ending my middle school years. The summer where I would enter into ninth grade, with all my friends. The same summer that my baby cousin, Gianna, would reach a milestone in her life and turn one. It was a beautiful summer day for a backyard party. The birthday party was Elmo themed, and the big red monster was everywhere. The tables were set up with red tablecloths and bright colored confetti. In addition, each table was adorned with a bowl containing real goldfish. The best part about the party was the bounce house set way back in the yard, because no matter how old you are your never to old for a bounce house. Unfortunately with all the little kids screaming with enthusiasm, I never was able to enter the bounce house. Therefore, the celebration quickly became rather boring. Moreover, there wasn’t anyone there my age. All of my relatives that were there were a cluster of old aunts and uncles that sat in their chairs under a tree to keep cool. The rest of the guests were people I didn’t even know, probably the parents of all the screaming children. Resulting me not having the best of times. Making the day worse, was knowing that all my friends were at a block party, probably in a bounce house together. My friend Shay was host of the block party, and I was supposed to be meeting my two best friends there, Gabby and Mandy. Personally the though of choosing between a first birthday party or going to a block party with all my friends was a no brainer. The block party would have been my pick; however, it really wasn’t my choice so sitting at a one year olds birthday party was what I was doing. My mother sympathized with my angst, and to cheer me up offered to drive me to the block party after we had cake ... ... middle of paper ... having fun that summer night. I realized then it was the party that makes the excitement, but the people keeping you company. Even though it was just a bounce house it was fun because my true friends were with me. We were jumping, doing flips, and having a blast. Before long we were forgetting all about what had happened earlier that day. Suddenly we were attacked with water spraying from a tree. We screamed and ran from the bounce house. Realizing it was Johnny and Connor, my two younger brothers, who came running out of the bushes chasing us. Laughing as they got us drenched with water, we too stated laughing as we ducked for cover. Somehow Gabby gets hold of the hose and retaliates. They were just as soaked as we were. By now we were slipping and sliding all over the place giggling and joking. Turns out it wasn’t such a bad birthday party after all.
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