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Why in the feminine mystique there were new advances being made such as vacuum cleaners and other appliance to help with taking care of the home. Both deal with women in the home but both came and went in different ways. However, the cult of domesticity and feminine mystique were major parts of women in history. 3.) Domestic expectation and work defined woman’s place in American society from colonial times to the present. Women activities have been defined for centuries, especially in the domestic expectation and the ability to attend schools and receive a proper education. The differences in the eras leading up to the present are diverse and very apparent. Domesticity became a career for middle class woman. In the 18th century the republican mother came into the light. This was directly linked to domestic expectations because it dealt with child rearing. Women were supposed to make sure they their children were respect citizens who did not go against the new republic. Women were commended for teaching their children to what society felt was proper (Coryell, 123-124). Domestic expectations were not just cleaning the house and cooking dinner but also taking care of the family and making sure they are happy. Another domestic expectation for woman came out of the cult of domesticity and the feminine mystique. This raised expectations for women by making sure the home was clean. If a person saw a dirty floor they were instantly judged as a lazy and not a good house wife (Coryell, 179-181). This idea increased with the feminine mystique that revived the idea of cult of domesticity in the 1950’s (Coryell, 379-380). Women were creating manuals for others to learn easier ways to clean their houses and to raise their children. Many mov... ... middle of paper ... ...nd could take the kids with no protest from the government. It was beneficial for the man to take the kids because he was the only one who could make enough money to support them. In the 21st century this is not the case. The courts place the children with the best suitable parent. This gives the child more of a chance to be with the correct person. In most cases the children go to the women, which was much different in the 18th century. The kids have a little say with who they go with now too. When a child reaches a certain age they can pick the parent that they want to live with. This is better for women in present day because they are not losing everything if their husbands leave them or they want to leave their husband. It is not just a patriarchal state of mind anymore. The courts, laws, and others recognize the matriarchal aspect for the kids and parents.