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There are many driving forces that have been constantly steering the course of history, ever since human formed the first primitive society; undeniably, one of the most important factors that played such vital role is trading networks that spanned across Eurasia. Even though there are many various trade routes that took form during our latest 2000 years history; however, the two most important would be the Silk Road, which connected Rome to the far east (China and Japan,) and the Indian Ocean Trading Networks, which was the primary mean of trade for many states located near the Indian Ocean. Both the Silk Road and the Indian Ocean trade route have actively altered the social and political landscape across Eurasia by serving as a bridge to spread new ideas, technologies, and also changing the dynamics not only between classes within one state, but also between different states across Eurasia.
In his article, Christian offered a new possibility in explaining the origin of the Silk Road:
The Inner Eurasian steppelands were occupied, probably since the fourth millennium B.C.E, and certainly by 3000 B.C.E, by communities practicing extensive and mobile forms of horse pastoralism, which ensured that their contacts and influence would extend over large areas. Indeed, the emergence of mobile pastoralist life ways should probably be regarded as the real explanation for the origin of the trans-Eurasian network of exchanges that the Silk Roads came to symbolize.
However, knowing this, one may question how can such a trivial connections between small pastoralism and nomadic societies created one of the most important trade network ever existed? The key to this success was partially because of the important their geographical advantage (centr...

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...oods and tributes from various states. In another word, Indian Ocean trade route has acted as another bridge (an alternative to the ancient Silk Road) to connect the West and the Far East.
Even though the two Roads were completely different, from means of travel to the sphere of influence (with the Silk Road focused on the rise in importance of the Central Asia and the Indian Ocean focused on the states along the Indian Ocean;) however, it is undeniable that they both shared similar characteristics: Helped to spread ideas and technology across Eurasia, improved religious tolerance, created powerful states across its path… No matter how you look at history, both the trade routes have undoubtedly left profound impacts on the way of lives of the people, not just limited to just the Indian Ocean or the Central Asia, but as the world and its future as a whole.