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The Benefits of Animal Testing Animal testing is a multifaceted and detailed topic. Individuals frequently debate the topic of animal testing. Opponents claim animal testing is outdated, ineffective, and generally unneeded. They believe that while there may have been some use for animal testing in the past, scientific advances have made these tests obsolete because better alternatives exist. Scientific research proves otherwise. The benefits of animal testing make it a positive force in society. Animal testing is a viable method of scientific research. First, animal testing has produced many helpful results in the past. Frankie Trull, the president of Foundation for Biomedical research, states that animal testing improves medicine in areas “from antibiotics to blood [transfusions], from dialysis to organ-transplants, from vaccinations to chemotherapy, bypass surgery and joint replacement.” Essentially all the modern medical benefits humanity enjoys have their roots in animal testing ([1]). Repeatedly animal testing produces helpful results. A very specific and practical result was the discovery of insulin, which “was discovered by Banting and Best in surgical experiments on dogs” (Joham 2). The positive benefits brought by insulin are obvious to anyone who knows a diabetic. Without insulin those individuals’ lives would be far more difficult. As Thomas Carmichael states, “this type of research . . . has produced the long, healthy life that [those] in the United States take for granted” (3b). He goes on to elaborate how “the vaccines against polio, rubella, tuberculosis, pertussis, measles, mumps, diphtheria, and tetanus all were developed in part through animal research” (3b). Animal testing leaves its fingerprints all across sci... ... middle of paper ... the long term effects. Rachel Hajar states that major harm would be caused to the development of “essential medical devices, medicines, and treatments” if animal testing stopped (42). Not only the flow of medical information but also current medical developments would be impaired. Halting animal testing would lead to struggles in the medical world for years to come. The necessity of animal testing makes it a non-negotiable. While there are costs that come with animal testing, the benefits make it a wise choice. Animal testing will help the medical world continue to advance at its current rapid pace. It is an unfortunate reality that some animals may have to suffer for these tests, but the benefits testing provides to society are immense. Ultimately these tests go toward saving and improving human lives. Animal testing consistently proves its value to society.

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