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A human life is affected by each and every decision a person makes. The actions you make at any given moment can impact your world in a way you never thought it was capable of. The Holocaust is one decision that one human being came up with that effect numerous people and shaped their lives in so many different ways. The Holocaust is a hot controversial topic that everybody can talk about. All around the world people are aware of what the Holocaust is and the repercussions that it had on people. The book Night by Elie Wiesel is a wonderful representation of a young boy and his experience through the rough time that he and his father encountered while living during the Holocaust. The book is centered on actual events that Elie had while he was sent to Auschwitz concentration camp. During Elie’s time at Auschwitz the young boy had a total transformation of his self-identity, his morals, his believes, and the overall relationship he had with his father.
At the beginning of the book Elie is a young healthy thirteen- year old boy who enjoys life and all that it has to offer. Elie was a very fortunate boy of his time. His father Chlomo owned a store in their hometown, and was looked upon as being a very intelligent and thoughtful man, a man though who never let one know his true feelings. Elie lived at home with his family that consisted of his father, mother, and his three sisters, and resigned in Sighet, Transylvania. Elie came from a religious back ground of Talmud.
At a young age he had an interest in learning the ways of Kabbalah. Elie once asked his father to find him a master to teach him the ways of Kabbalah, but his father insisted that a man must be at least thirty years of age before learning the mystical interpretation ...

... middle of paper ... starting to play a role in Elie’s relationship he had between his father.
Towards the end of the book Elie’s father was hospitalized. In Elie’s mind the best thing for him to do was to leave him there. This would allow for Elie to carry on and not have to worry about taking care and looking out for his father. Elie could not do it though, even knowing how much better off he would be without his father. Elie father ends up dying, and in away Elie is relieved that he no longer has to look after his father, but Elie does feel awful that he is indeed feeling this way towards his father.
Throughout the book there are many times when you can see Elie’s feelings towards his father change. In the end Elie is in away happy to see his father die. This will allow for Elie to use all his motivation he has left in him to push forward in hope that we would survive this war.

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