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“Shots Fired on Campus” is a video presented by Randy Spivey and Jim Sporleder, Executive Director and Director of the Center for Personal Protection and Safety. The purpose of the video is to help people develop the proper mindset and necessary tools to survive an active shooter incident that may occur on their college campus. The video provides information and education for the college community, staff and students alike. The material imparted during the video was communicated appropriately for the intended audience. The survival mindset includes three areas. Awareness is taking the time to understand the active shooter situation. Preparation is developing effective response strategies, asking the “what if” questions. Rehearsal is practicing your response plan. If an active shooter situation occurs, a decision on the best course of action must be made quickly. There are three options when deciding on what should be done. If it is safe to escape, do so. Making the decision to run should be immediate, after making sure the escape route is safe. If the shooter is nearby a...

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