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In the Big data ages, the personal information collection method is a major success factor of the many businesses. Online service providers currently collect personal information for several purposes. For example, e-commerce websites collect personal information for target advertising and personalized marketing. Personal information collection becomes an importance process of businesses and personal information was treated as a new value asset in this digital age. Today, service providers use several methods in order to collect personal information from their consumers. Social network service (SNS) is one of the methods which service provider are using for collecting the personal information from their consumers. SNS provides a new method to collect personal information but also increase the risk of privacy for the consumer. SNS becomes a popular service in this era. The number of SNS user increases rapidly every day. For example, Facebook, one of the most popular SNS providers, have the number of daily active user is 757 million users on January 2014[1]. This number repr...

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