best friend

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Walls closing in around me…. Sweating bullets, every thought rushing through my mind, “can't even believe it happened. How could this have occurred? I don't even think life's worth living after what happened. He was my best friend, why did I let this happen to him, I didn't even say my goodbyes”. This is somewhat along the lines of how people act/ say when a tragedy happens to them, like it happened to me. Let's begin with how I met my friend. It all began one Monday in September, 2013- I remember that day because I was always late on Mondays. In connection with Mondays, which is my toughest day of the week, my first class was Math; my most hated subject. As I soon arrived in class, to my advantage, the class still hadn't begun. I quickly found a seat at the front of the class because people always told me “learners always sit in the front”. My first glimpse of this friend was, quiet, polite, and an exchange student! Yes, my soon- to -be -friend was an exchange student. At first, I was skeptical about becoming friends with him. Fellow classmates remarked their childish remarks at ...
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