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Beloved written by Toni Morrison is set in the 1870’s and is about a young woman named Sethe who was born a slave but escaped to Ohio. Once she reaches Ohio she finally feels free; however 18 years later she becomes painfully aware how untrue that fact is. She is constantly hunted by the past memory of her old home Sweet Home which is where her breast milk was stolen from her; she was taken advantage of and then beaten horribly. In her current home in Ohio, Sethe is haunted by the ghost of her baby. Sethe was not able to name her baby before her death however Sethe was the one who took the baby’s life. Sethe is determined to keep her children from “The School Teacher,” who tortured her during her stay at Sweet Home. Once she was aware that the School Teacher was in Ohio to take her and her children back to Sweet Home she runs in the shed with her children, she hits her two sons in the head with a shovel, slits one of her daughters across the throat and then proceeds to swing the youngest baby around in order to snap her neck. This story is about the love and struggle of a mother for her children; both dead and alive.

Toni Morrison’s Beloved is a tale of a mother’s deep lost and sadness for her dead child. In the novel the protagonist Sethe appears to be stuck between the land of the living and the dead living in the house that is haunted by her dead child. Despite the troubles that the house causes and her deep sadness she does not leave and her daughter Denver remains with her in the house and does not leave the front yard. Beloved tale is has many underlying mythology connections; the protagonist Sethe can be compared to the Greek mythology character Medea and the relationship between Sethe and her daughter Beloved can be c...

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... as each woman in the Greek mythology feminine trinity does. Sethe is proven to be strong in her determination to keep her family safe, Denver is shown to be strong in supporting her mother Sethe while she was in need and Beloved shows her strength when she emerges from the underworld and makes it back to her family.
Beloved by Toni Morrison is the tale of family connection, death, happiness and pain between a mother, Sethe and her two daughters, Denver and Beloved. Reading this tale, one will be able to understand its’ many influences from mythology. The storyline between Sethe and her two daughters draw connections to the Greek God Demeter and her daughter, Medea, a Greek princess who love story turned tragic and resulted in her killing her two songs, and the ever familiar feminine trinity shown in mythology stories that show strength in women and in numbers.