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Beauty pageants have been developing all around the world from prisons to worldwide television. They have become very popular throughout the years. Some people don’t like the idea of a “beauty pageant”, while others support it 100%. Beauty pageants range from all ages. Some believe that beauty pageants are beneficial to the contestants while others believe that they have negative impacts. Beauty pageants have many good benefits. Some of these benefits are internal. One main internal benefit is that it’s claimed to boost ones confidence (#1). This is so they believe in their selves and aren’t nervous. Another one is that it encourages the contestants (#4). For example, some pageants encourage the contestants to help out in their community. This is so they don’t get caught up in one thing, and take responsibility. Internal benefits are good. These pageants also have external benefits. These help with the contestants in the long run. They make friends from all over the world in some pageants (#4). This is a good thing because it helps with diversity and communication. Also, pageants give the contestants some external advantages (#4). These advantages are on getting jobs, and going to college. Being involved in these contests look good on applications. Those are some good external benefits. Being in beauty pageants also comes with many personal benefits. These personal benefits are the most important to most contestants. If you come in first place, you could receive up to $1,000 (#3). Also, other placed winners along with the first place winner could receive a ten inch crystal crown, a trophy and roses among other small prizes. Lastly, these contestants get to show off what they got. This can be from their beauty, their fitnes... ... middle of paper ... ...ey run out of money or can’t afford everything, they are forced to use fake flowers or even everyday objects (#2). Some even hand make their costumes/outfits. Beauty pageants are a lot to keep up on, which is negative of the contestants/parents. Beauty pageants could influence different people in different ways. It could be good, bad, negative or beneficial. How would you feel if you or your child was in a beauty pageant? Would you be for it or against it? How would it affect you in the long run? These beauty pageants are very popular. They are all over the world and almost anyone could be in one. How could a beauty pageant affect your life? What if your parents put you in beauty pageants when you were little, and had no say? These are all the things people think about that are involved in an event like this. It affects everyone that’s involved in some type of way.

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