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Without the ability to speak the English, Rodriguez had a hard time socializing with peers. He was seen as the outcast or the boy who wasn’t an American. On the plus side, when his family only knew Spanish they were connected because everyone understood each other and they had no one else to turn to. His schoolwork was negatively affected because he couldn’t even decipher the difference between speaking at home and in the classroom. Also, he held himself back in the classroom because of inability to speak English. Once Richard started learning English his family life changed. His brother and sister were no longer running home after school instead they were running to the new friend’s house. Not only did his family because less united, but also his father struggled to speak the same level of English as everyone else. This portrayed him as very reserved and quiet. Learning English also made him more confident in himself and made him excel in English beyond his parents. This caused a disconnect between him and his parents because he was unsure how address his parents causing him to jus...
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