barrier of commmunication

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Task 2 - Using one of the scenarios to be supplied take part in a group discussion of barriers to effective communication in concrete situation (p3) and (p4). P4 demonstrate a range of effective interpersonal skills (5 barriers and 5 solutions) Poor body language: Poor body language can act as an impact of barriers to effective communication. The poor body language is when you show negative body language to the people when they are talking an example would be when someone is talking to you show the back of your body this means that you are showing poor body language to them and that you are in lack of interest. When you do a presentation and then you always face the board without having an eye contact with the audience can also act as a poor body language. Poor body language means using body language to show that you are not interested in a conversation that you are having. So this is why poor body language can be a potential barrier to effective communication. Solution • First solution is to make eye contact with the audience during a conversation or presentation. • Se...

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