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The Tell-Tale Heart Summary
The story starts off with the narrator explaining how his disease hot not handicapped him at all, but yet he is still mad. He wonders what makes him mad, if he is mad at all. He explains that an idea ran through his head, and he could not get rid of it. There was an old man, and he loved the old man. He figures out that it is because of the old man's blue eye that he must kill him. The narrator explains that every night past midnight, he would sneak his head into his room just to see him sleeping. One night as he was sneaking into the old mans bedroom, his hand slipped and the old man woke up. The narrator stood there not moving a muscle, and the old man as well. When he tried to shine light into where the old man was, all he could see was the old man's bright blue eye. This made him furious. The sound of the beating of the old man's heart made him even more furious. He killed the old man by putting the mattress over him, and suffocating him. He first cut off the old man's head, arms and then legs. He deposited all the body parts into the wooden floor boards between the scantlings. Three officers came to search his house because a loud shriek came from a neighbor, and they were required to search the premises. The narrator helped them look throughout the house, because he was confident that he had hidden the old man's body well. All of sudden, he starts to hear a loud sound. A sound only he can hear. As he can no longer bear the sound, the narrator admits that he had killed the old man.

The Cask of Amontillado Summary
The story starts off with the narrator stating that he has been insulted over and over again by Fortunato. He is tired of his insults, and seeks revenge. He wants to complete his revenge...

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...respected man, and even feared by some. He was constantly insulting Montresor, and this drove Montresor crazy. Montresor's insanity was driven by this need of not wanting Fortunato in his life anymore.

Why Did They Kill Their Respective Victims?...
He killed the old man, because of the Evil Eye that he had. The old man had a pale blue eye with a film over it. The narrator grew an obsession over this eye, and was completely terrified from it. He had no problem with the old man himself. The old man had never done him wrong, and he did not want his gold. He still kills the old man, because of his terrified obsession with the old man's blue eye.
Montresor killed Fortunato, because his life was ruined by Fortunato. He was constantly bullied by him, and his greater power. He had no empathy for him anymore, and simply wanted him gone from his life.
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