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Have you ever wanted to carry a loved one with you for up to two weeks? Want an optimal way to carry around your hit list without all those looks from suspicious strangers? If you answered to either of these questions, follow these steps to be a great stalker with radical nails. You will need: a light nail polish (a white nail polish is optional, but strongly recommended), a base coat (which is also optional, but still recommended), rubbing alcohol, one paper with up to ten pictures printed onto it that are no bigger than your nail of your loved one or stranger, either one works. Aswell as a small container to hold the rubbing alcohol, nail polish remover (especially if you’re prone to making mistakes), scissors, top coat, and fingernails. All of these items can be found at your local K-Mart, Walgreens, Walmart or a store that is similar to these. Gather all your nails and proceed to a flat surface. Find a flat surface, just about any will do. Begin by picking up your scissors in your dominant hand and the paper with your pictures, in the other. Carefully cut out their heads and...

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