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“Autism is not a puzzle, nor a disease. Autism is a challenge, but certainly not a devastating one.” Trisha Van Berkel once said this famous quote about autism. Autism is a developmental disorder that has a variety of different levels of severity. Some people that have autism are faced with having trouble communicating or social problems. The major body organ that the disease affects is the brain. The brain is in charge of communication and social skills. Many people with this disease are unable to form support groups with each other because they often have a hard time building emotional bonds with one another (Bertone et. al, 2010).
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If a child has autism their parents will usually know within the first 18-36 months. This is the time when a lot of growing of the child takes place and their disorder begins to come apparent (“Autism,” 2007). Some key signs of autism are the child tries to reject all types of social contact, act strangely, or lose their speech skills that they have previously learned (Kaale et. al, 2014). “A recent study of a U.S. metropolitan area estimated that 3.4 of every 1,000 children ages 3 to 10 had autism” (“Psychology Today,” 2009). However, autism is found all over the world in many different countries, ethnic groups, and economic backgrounds. There is hope for people with autism if they get diagnosed early. Advances in medicine have made it easier for the doctors to tell exactly what the symptoms of the disease are and they can easily diagnose a child with Autism (Bertone, 2010).
There are numerous symptoms for Autism, although some of them are difficult to identify in the early stages. Symptoms of Autism can include: social deficits, language deficits, and repetitive ...

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