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In order for an organization to be successful it must develop its personnel and focus on a long-term strategic vision. Success for both parties involves attaining six competencies related to result-driven goals. Employees must attain these competencies as it is “interwoven with the organizational skills required of an employee”. The resources required by employees to attain these competencies must be provided by the organization. Adding uncertainty to the issue of employee development is the cultural diversity of present organizations and the effort involved in attaining these competencies. The result driven competencies are “accountability, customer service, decisiveness, entrepreneurship, problem solving, and technical credibility”.
Most people have a general definition of accountability, which involves being held responsible for a certain action. In an organizational setting accountability encompasses a definition of a higher magnitude and involves “holding yourself and others accountable for measurable high quality, time and cost effective results”, of a particular task or job. In this setting accountability involves determining what your duties are, setting priorities to complete these duties, and delegating work. If you can complete your duties successfully, accountability most likely involves a positive reinforcement. However, if you cannot complete your duties or they are completed with mistakes, a negative reinforcement is likely to follow.
Being competent in respect to customer service involves “anticipating and meeting the needs of both internal and external customers”. Organizations we must deliver high quality products and services and this is accomplished by having qualified employees. Employees throughout...

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...ese cultures time has an “unlimited continuity that ravel then reconnects”. Individuals also “work on several things at the same time, people and relationships come first, view is more panoramic and the group is the starting point”. We must learn from Atsa and develop a common ground based on her cultural competencies that correlate with the monochronic needs of the organization. This is only an example of the cultural issues that will arise, other issues like her sex and generational culture must also be addressed in creating a common ground. The preceding is crucial for Astas success within the organization and examples like these verify the need for a cultural competence foundation before pursuing an employee development plan. After the initial cultural competence foundation has been drafted Asta and I can begin efforts toward developing a long term career plan.
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