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The black bear, also known as Ursus Americanus, lives in North America. This bear is very popular and can be seen in movies, books, and folklore. Its fur coat can be a variety of different colors. The colors are: black, brown, cinnamon, blonde, and other lighter colors depending on the habitat. In this report you will learn things about the black bear. Diet Although black bears are classified as carnivores, they are considered omnivores. Black bears will eat pretty much anything they find. Approximately eighty-five percent of their diet is vegetation. Black bears eat accordingly to the seasons, beginning in spring. In the spring they eat grasses and forbs. In the summer their diet will contain of a variety of flowers, forbs, fruits, and insects. The black bear’s favorite thing to eat is berries. The berries go through a process of adding sugar. When the berries have dew in them, and that dew gets frozen it turns into sugar, making bears like it a lot. They will sometimes eat meat that is carrion (old and decaying). Black bears have been known to eat deer, moose, fish, and other small animals. Life Cycle The life span of a black bear is generally fifteen to eighteen years in the wild and 24 years in captivity. There was one black bear that lived to be forty-four years old that lived in captivity. The mating season for black bears occurs during the months June and July. Males become sexually mature at the age of four to six years old. The age at first reproduction for females is four to five years old. Although black bears have been known to mate at the age of two years old and have a litter of three cubs. Black bears exhibit a unique reproductive strategy called The Delayed Implantation. The black bears average number o... ... middle of paper ... ...e bodies with stocky legs, long snouts, shaggy hair, plant grade paws with five no retractile claws, and short tails. Black bears are very strong and powerful animals. They have been known to bend open car doors and pry open window shields in their search for food. Black bears usually roll over huge rocks and logs in the search of food. Black bears can dig which allows them to feed on roots, bulbs, and rodents, as well as dug dens on steep mountain slopes. Conclusion I learned a lot of things that are unique about black bears. I learned that they had a wide variety of colors. They use their claws for more digging and climbing than killing other animals. They prefer plants and berries over animals. I also learned that black bears live in the Western part of Nevada. Black bears live longer in captivity than in the wild. I hope you have enjoyed my research paper.

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