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After all the technological, scientific, and social progress this fast pace consumerist world continues to see, understanding what individuals look for in goods and services has not only become a critical tool used by firms to increase profits, but also an important study that allows many to understand the complex operations and trends of how consumers tend to act in an intense dog-eat-dog market environment. Nowadays, members of society embrace diverse economical tasks that keep the economy running while taking daily decisions in the important roles they play, making their actions as consumers more interesting and challenging to firms offering goods and services. Moreover, individuals are not being seen just as consumers by firms, but also as earners who are in desperate need to favorably save, utilize, borrow, or invest the resources available to them whenever possible with the objective to gain from any beneficial tradeoffs available at all cost. In fact, in our search to maximize our materialistic fulfillment as consumers we have promptly become Corporate Consumption Beings, a sw...

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