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The central point of this article is to discuss the relationships between the colonizers and colonized in culture and imperialism. Because the links between these two things (culture and imperialism) raise important questions about how, “power and knowledge works in colonial societies. In some ways this article even looks into race relations and why they are the way they are today. Arguing that, “British indirect rule effectively resulted in racial segregation” (Bush 225). We can see that racism can be linked to a cultural problem that still effects the race relations that we have today. The study of the indifference the British and French had when they colonized can be used to explain many aspects of racial relations and I am sure many scholars have written large research papers trying to prove this point. The article then goes on to explain that some cultures have had better assimilation experiences than others for example some colonizers had total indifference to the colonized like what happened in Latin America and the Philippians for example while others were even worse: the B...
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