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Over the past two decades General Electric Co. (GE) among other companies have introduced numerous ultrasound machines in India and China to provide potential health benefits to billions of people who are afflicted with various painful and life threatening disorders. Due to its portability and relatively low cost, ultrasounds can uniquely be transported to small villages where patients urgently need its care. Villages with no drinking water, infrequent electricity, or muddy roads can receive medical scans for roughly eight dollars, a week’s salary, and determine medical issues.
However, some cultural society, namely in India and China, have utilized ultrasound technology as a way to increase their rates of female feticide. GE has to grapple with the difficult issue: paternal male preferences over female babies. Kalpana Bhavre states that, “ultrasound is the main reason the sex ratio is coming down” because daughters incur a lifetime of paternal debt. Parents must pay dowry payments at marriage while males typically receive dowry. Compared to the dowry debt, eight dollars is nothing.

Because Indian and Chinese boys are widely considered wealth earners during life and lighters of one’s funeral pyre at death an inordinate number of male births and female infanticides will continue, unless urgent action is taken. Male to female sex ratios continue to illustrate the rapid deterioration: 927:1000 boys in 2001, 945:1000 boys in 1991. Only China with 832 girls per 1000 boys illustrates a wider gender gap than India. GE sells three times as many ultrasounds in China relative to India. Furthermore, 90 percent of families in India with two sons do not want any more children, while almost half of parents with two daughters want to have mo...

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...this process, but typically international companies are seen as outsiders and can only play a small part in cultural alterations. For their part, GE can provide funding for governmental programs in exchange to tax incentives. Yet, it is up to the population to change their mindsets.

The problem with widening gender-gaps creates great divides and hinders growth within emerging economies. GE’s ultrasound technology has provided a catalyst for widening that gap. To decrease their role in female feticide GE can utilize many policies like training, education, innovation, and cultural alteration to increase female births. Yet, it is not solely GE’s responsibility. The national government must step in and provide their populations with cultural leaders who espouse gender equality. Thus, for every step GE takes to improve its role the national governments must take two.
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