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In the suspenseful, tragic drama The Tragedy of Macbeth, William Shakespeare conjures a tale that focuses on the ambition of a Scottish nobleman named Macbeth and his sudden rise to power. In 2006, Rupert Goold brought forth a theatrical reinterpretation of Shakespeare’s novel Macbeth with the help of PBS. Goold’s movie features well-known actors such as Patrick Stewart (Macbeth) and Kate Fleetwood (Lady Macbeth). Formally, the story line remains the same in the two productions; Macbeth returns as the main character and antagonist, Lady Macbeth as a very persuasive and bold woman, and Macduff and Malcolm as heroes calling for justice pertaining to Macbeth’s murderous actions against Duncan. The witches also play a gargantuan role in the deception and downfall of Macbeth. However, being a film and having the ability to produce scenes that are not narrated in the novel, Goold’s production provides definite images of the setting and the cast, generally contributing to many themes being portrayed in the play. This differs from and replaces the viewer’s original image of the novel. In the famed versions of Macbeth, Goold’s ingenious and intriguing interpretation dynamically diverges from Shakespeare’s original composition in the supernatural, the characters, and certain scenes. First off, the Wyrd sisters, also known as the three witches, are critical and crucial elements of Macbeth that Goold reinterprets. A symbolic connection is made to Macbeth whenever three witches are seen together. However, Goold transfigures the witches into nurses. These nurses are clearly seen as women with their masks replacing the beards Shakespeare bestows upon them. The Wyrd sisters dress in hospital gowns while tending to patients lying in medical carts,... ... middle of paper ... ...inating reinterpretation of Macbeth from the remarkable Shakespeare. Goold’s marvelous and unique recreation of Shakespeare’s Macbeth differs tremendously in the supernatural, the characters, and certain scenes. The witches promote Macbeth’s sense of trust by disguising themselves as nurses, and Macbeth and his wife both portray a tension in their relationship Goold creates through the difference in age between the two. Macbeth embeds his trust into those trying to sway him, leading to his inevitable downfall. Also, Goold allows fate to take its course in Macbeth’s battle with Macduff. With all of the changes between the novel and the film, Goold makes it clear that sometimes change is essential, and without change, we cannot progress. In the words of the great Winston Churchill, “To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.” Works Cited aavavvaszsd

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