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In the modern age of rapid globalization and the with the introduction of a clearer more visible international society it has become increasingly difficult to deny the importance of domestic polices in relation to foreign polices in the American political sphere. As explained by Robert D. Putnam in his essay Diplomacy and Domestic Policies the question of whether domestic politics and foreign polices have an effect on each other is an obvious one. The true important question of importance isn’t whether which is more important and which has more effect on each other or vice versa but the question of when and how. As he states in his theory of international diplomacy in relation to each nations own domestic polices, “it is fruitless to debate whether domestic politics really determine international relations or the reverse. The answer to question is clearly “both, sometimes”. (REFERNCE ROBERT PUTMAN DIPLOMACY AND DOMESTIC POLICES)
Americas own history in dealing with foreign policy ranging all corners of the earth from military intervention all the way to diplomacy has proven without a doubt that that the answer to the question of whether domestic policies have an effect on foreign policies and vice-versa is an unequivocal yes. It can be argued that the whole point of having foreign polices by the American government is to achieve in the end goal or solution that appeals to both the agendas of the domestic sphere but also that of the international sphere. This essentially meaning that domestic and foreign policies are barely, if at all, two separate cores of polices, but are more one large set of political initiatives that coexist in a synergetic relationship to create one mutually beneficial solution.
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...unt of influences the general public and its own domestic politics have on the foreign polices of the United States of America. It becomes very evident that almost every foreign policy decision is essentially grounded on the importance and concern of domestic politics. Although a general statement, it can be said that first and foremost America is a country that has always viewed itself as one above everyone else with its emphasis on isolationist polices and its realist polices. All this meaning that it is always the self-interest aspect of domestic policy that are the most important for the average American citizen. Even Americans interventionist policies, which involve war and invasion, could not be possibly done without consent of congress. Congress not being able to give consent if is does not feel these new policies will get approval by the domestic populace.

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