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Ethics makes standards of human behavior and it is not the same as feelings or religion or law or norms. It makes difficult to consider theme of ethics because there is a problem; where do we base our ethical standards? (Santa Clara University.) It is easy to agree how Catherine Rainbow (2002) describes ethical principles which are beneficence, least harm, respect autonomy and justice. In nursing area we meet ethical issues in everyday working. Usually ethical situations are not simple and easy to handle out. Decisions quality required discussions and time and in nursing work communities it is good to make ethical sensitive atmosphere and nursing managers are in key role to make this ethical sensitive atmosphere. Fortunately we have ethics in nursing because it helps us to make choices and put us to estimate our own and others act (Etene 2001). It is reason to remember that in the future society is going to be much more multicultural and that makes situation where nursing staff must adjust in different views and situations. Global ethics (Ethical orientation) and how it comes true is going to be a challenge in intercultural world. In this paper I am going to consider nursing management and ethics and in second thought I am going to consider clients autonomy and ethics. These questions lives in nursing every day and of course multicultural issues makes own perspective in it. 2 NURSING MANAGEMENT AND ETHICS Nursing manager has a major responsibility to raise ethical issues to the centre of the work and work community (Etene 2011). Ethical dilemmas are part of nursing manager’s work in every day (Toren & Wagner 2010) and managers’ ability influence the ethical atmosphere is important (Berggren & Severinsson 2006). Recognize an ... ... middle of paper ... ...2011). In the other hand we have to remember that nursing managers have very responsible work and they need education and support of this subject. Also it is good if organizations can create the ethical guidelines, guides and principles to support nursing managers. We can’t let nursing managers alone with this challenging and important thing. Ethical quality is in big role in quality of nursing and we have to keep it in our minds if we want to make reliable picture of nursing and of us. Sure is that ethical issues are in bottom of belief and faith of trust. In my world it is necessary that clients or patients can trust nursing staff and they can belief that staffs do their best. In the end I have to say that in nursing manager’s job it is important to me that my way is a quality way. If I cannot watch professional me in the mirror then I must change the work!

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