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The scene is set after John has left after his argument with the World Controller Mustapha Mond. Angry and hating the society which caused him to lose his mother, he tried once more to be heard. He dashed upon a podium, and bellowed to the milling Alphas and Betas. “Alphas, you have been lied to and suppressed from the truth, your world is nor free or courageous. Your so-called pleasures and luxuries are worthless and meaningless, and your stagnant society built upon eliminating individuality and humanity has no room for growth!” *Pause, conversation dies down* Loudly shouting “Lend me your ears, Alphas and Betas, Lend me your ears for just a few words, see reason and break free from the chains of this stifling society!” “O Wonder! Oh Brave New World” Softer tone Or so I thought, for it is an evil false lie, for your world is nor brave or courageous Rising tone “I ask you, what do you love, what do you enjoy? You enjoy the art of sex orgies and what else? What else do you enjoy? How many of you have heard of literature or books, of God and religion? None of you have heard of it, yet you believe that Sex, Orgies and Soma are the source of true happiness. *Pauses, Alphas and Beta’s murmuring* “But what is true happiness to you? Is true happiness in having sex and in taking Soma to get rid of problems and suffering? Alphas, those are not true happiness, for you are merely avoiding the problem. True happiness is not the absence of problems, but the ability to deal with them! “I call you cowards, I call you spoiled and I call you sheep!” For your society and world is not brave “You work hard for nothing; you are born as specimens of perfection, the males handsome, and the females beautiful beyond compare” *wistful looks, thinking of... ... middle of paper ... ...seen others die on it. But you Alphas are better than animals, if they feel the need to be free, why can’t you? Why don’t you want to be free? Is it fear of the unknown? “I know some of you feel that you want to be something more, so break free, experience hardship, find purpose, and leave this stagnant society!” Softer tone “Be Brave; cast away the poison which binds you, fight for the right to have God, for poetry, for real danger, for freedom, for goodness, and for sin. Understand this and be free, my fellow alphas, be free In storms Mustapha Mond and a force of guards, their weapons already drawn, already blazing away with the promise of fiery death. John looks across at Mond, and sees a glistening of emotion on the Controllers face. Regret? His body spinning with the force of the bullet, John falls down, and in his last breath, he whispers “Oh Brave New World”

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