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The wind picked up the edges of her coat and sent chills up her leg. She pulled it closer around her body and glanced impatiently at the watch that was on her arm. He should have been here by now and his tardiness was costing her money. Finally, she saw his black car pull onto the street and she sighed in frustration. Slowly, the car pulled to the curb next to her and the driver opened the door and ushered her inside quickly. “You’re late,” she said, playfully. “I’m worth waiting for,” he replied, eyeing her seductively. She smiled sweetly, opened her coat and leaned forward to nibble on his ear. “You have to pay me first,” she whispered, and began stroking his penis through his pants. He fumbled through his pocket quickly, dropping a few bills along the ways, which she quickly scooped up and secured it in her pocketbook. He was too busy to realize that she had snagged a few extra bills during the process. After the money had changed hands, he began quickly pulling off his clothes. “Easy, cowboy,” she said. “We have plenty of time. Do you want to go somewhere quieter?” He nodded and she could almost see the drool that threatened to fall from his lips. Without taking his lustful eyes from hers, he told the driver to find the nearest motel and closed the partition between them. When the wheels began to turn she slipped out of her coat and shoes and began stroking his penis with her foot. He moaned in agony, desperately wanting to be inside her. He almost came before they had even entered the motel parking lot. While the driver obtained the key to their room, she continued to tease him by flashing her pink panties at him. By the time they entered the room he could barely contain himself, but she still made him wait. Pulling out the... ... middle of paper ... ...n parts causing her to gasp and moan quietly. The warm water ran across her skin and she arched her back, urging him to continue. “What is it, baby? Do you want to cum again?” he asked in a whisper. His words caused her arousal to intensify and she nodded eagerly. When he stopped, she moaned in protest. “Please,” she said, “Don’t stop.” He stroked the hair from her face and looked deep inside her eager eyes, allowing her leg to fall gently to the floor of the shower. She returned his gaze confused. “You’ve had enough for tonight,” he said and placed his hand on her mouth as she began to protest. “I’ve got my money’s worth out of you. We can meet again sometime.” Quickly, he slipped from the shower, leaving her in an agonizing state of arousal. She stood in the shower until the water ran cold, wondering if she would ever be able to return to her normal life again.
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