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Richard Nixon was born on January 9, 1913, in Yorba Linda, California. He was the

second child born to Frank Nixon and Hannah Milhouse Nixon. His father was a grocer,

who also owned his own service station and lemon farm in California. His mother was

a Quaker and pushed her strong beliefs onto her children to follow suit. He came from a

poor family that came from nothing which is were most of his determination came from

to go to college. After graduating from Whittier High School, he received a full ride to

attended Duke University where he later studied law and practiced law.

Nixon was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in November 1946 in

which his first team he was assigned to the Select Committee on Foreign Aid. For his

first trip he traveled to Europe to report on the newest Marshall Plan. Nixon’s anti-
Communist reputation gained positive notice from Dwight D. Eisenhower. Later Nixon

went on to win the nomination for vice president at the Republican convention in 1952.

Afterwards It was made clear that Eisenhower’s chances where slim to none with Nixon

on the ballot but he decided to give him a chance to prove himself anyway. After

breaching the White House Eisenhower in 1953, he later suffered a couple different

ailments such as a stroke and heart attack. Not able to tend to his presidential duties

Nixon had to take his first chair in a number of important meetings. After their

presidency was over Nixon launched his presidency in 1960 against John F. Kennedy.

After loosing the presidency to Kennedy, Nixon was not enthusiastic about running again

until a little push from Billy Graham gave him a little confidence. On November 5, 1968

Nixon was elected as the 37th

Though Nixon’s...

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...e evidence captured proved that Nixon in fact did have a part in the

scandal but he tried to deny and say they where recording private conversations. After

about 20mins of silence during the tapes it revealed obstruction of justice, abuse of

power, and defiance of committee subpoena. August 8, 1974 Richard Nixon announced

that he was not going to be able keep his presidential seat because his image was ruined.

Although Nixon was involved in a major scandal through most of his presidency

he did also create some alliances with other countries. All his dedication and hard work

disappeared when he became involved with those men who tried to destroy the images of

those running against him. Even though he did some good it’s very hard to respect

someone that cannot take fault in their actions. Nixon later on passed away at the age of

81 on April 22, 1994.
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