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When writing, one finds it is often easier to write about what one already knows. Some authors may find inspiration in their personal lives, the world around them, or the lives of close friends and family. When a work of art or a book is inspired by one of these factors, the work itself contains connections back to the inspiration and in turn, the life of the author himself. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle finds inspiration for his series of novels about the genius detective Sherlock Holmes and his loyal friend Dr. John Watson in many different places. In his novel, The Hound of the Baskervilles, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle makes connections to his career, his colleague, and the stories of his friend.
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, in addition to being an author, is also a doctor (“Arthur Conan Doyle”). Aspects of his career as a doctor are visible in the unique way Sherlock Holmes solves his mysteries. As a doctor, one must piece together seemingly unconnected information such as congested sinuses and a fever to come up with a diagnosis. Doyle uses the same method when writing about how Sherlock puts clues together to come up with a culprit (“Arthur Conan Doyle”). On one occasion, Sherlock deduces from apparently random facts that Mr. and Mrs. Stapleton are not brother and sister but rather husband and wife (Doyle 8). On another occasion, Sherlock deduces the pets, walking habits, occupation, age, build, and location of employment using only a walking cane as reference (Doyle, “The Complete Sherlock” 636-37). These two instances portray Sherlock using the same skills of deduction Doyle himself uses as a doctor. However, the profession of being a doctor is not the only aspect of medicine which inspires Doyle.
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...the inspirations for the unique way Sherlock Holmes is able to deduce people and crimes. His colleague, Dr. Joseph Bell, remains the framework for the startlingly genius Sherlock Holmes, who has an almost supernatural set of deductive skills. Fletcher Robinson’s story about a ghostly hound is the inspiration for the plot and setting of the novel itself. In almost every novel ever written, it is possible to find connections between the author and the work itself.

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