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List of key artists
The new chapter in modern art history opens with such inventive artists as Robert Smithson, Dennis Oppenheim, Claes Oldenburg, Jan Dibbets, Michael Heizer, James Turrell, Richard Long, Walter de Maria and Richard Serra and few more good ones, who started to free their work from gallery and studio spaces towards open areas, becoming monumental and environmental. They began to difference scale, format, characteristics and many more stylish transgressed aspects to demonstrate completely new inadaptable way of thinking. Thinking large and outside of the gallery is not a primal fashionable task, the artwork had become monumental already before 1960’s. In mid-sixties ecology emerged as a public issue, United States direct military involvement in the war (320.000 American troops and personal were in Vietnam), deepening scepticism toward institutional authority, Kennedy’s presidency and ideology appear to be weakened, the pastoral idea defining a meaning of America’s idol….

Robert Smithson American Land Art artist (1938-1973)

"The museums and parks are graveyards above the ground - congealed memories of the past that act as a pretext for reality. Museums are tombs, and it looks like everything is turning into a museum.” Robert Smithson

The iconic physical nature of these earthworks desire to get into the land, to become immersed in the earth as a kind of ritualistic performance, was enacted by a range of artists.
His non-site sculptures often included maps and aerial photos of a particular location, as well as geological artifacts displaced from those sites.
His most famous work is Spiral Jetty (1970), a 1,500-foot (460 m) long spiral-shaped jetty extending into the Great ...

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...nship to the passing of geologic time and the cinema’s ability to manifest this passing. Spiral Jetty.

Importance of photography
It is essential for the Land artist to be a good documentalist, as ..our associations with Land Art criteria depend very much on the ability to lose the sense of scale, when we are able to transfer our experiences and knowledge of this form of art.

Associations with a protest and rejection ideas how the Land artists commenced in 1960’s, however using other Land Art criteria tools and logic as the attribute we can reach the powerful idea of massive urban monumental cutout – which determines the enormous sculptural imitation of the existing, of the repeating rules into this phenomenon. Analysing this provocative concern, its object is still simply made of Landscape, by moving and adding material or structures to the environment.

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