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Are you tired of pulling up to the pump and paying $30 or more in gas and getting that twice a week? The auto industry has technology to use batteries instead of gas. Instead of getting 20-30 miles per gallon or even less, you could be getting 70+ miles per gallon, and even more with a hybrid or electric car. Instead of pumping stations their will be charging stations, and alternatively the car will be powered by a battery at the bottom of the car, not the gas. The electric motor on a hybrid or electric car is very awkward, for example the motor draws energy from the battery to rotate and run the motor, these motors can handle up to 15,000 rpms at a time. The bad thing about these motors is they are not very powerful, they have been known to be bad on hills, and not known for high speeds. The transmission on a hybrid car performs the same way as a gasoline car. You can also have a gasoline-electric car or “hybrid” which uses a function of both, it has a gasoline motor with a electric battery as a backup feature that kicks in at about 20 mph on most cars. If your not going to be racing pick up a car that has just enough power to handle any driving situation on a freeway or little roads and is able to go long periods of time without gas. Hybrid cars are made to drive like that, they have low rolling resistance tires aswell as a advanced aerodynamic feature that allows faster speeds and more mileage without the wind pushing you back, also they are made very lightweight to help use less energy to the motor, while driving to keep the battery charged longer. The gasoline electric engine can assist the gasoline motor for extra power if your not entirely into the idea to switching to a electric car, the electric motor in a hybrid also al...

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...Many other hybrid models cost less over 5 years compared to gasoline models of it, like the Honda Civic Hybrid, the Lexus ES 300h, and the Toyota Prius, and can cost as less as $7,000 less over the course of five years to own, which in my opinion is a lot of money that could be spent on something much better than gasoline, especially with them rising as much as they are. The only problem with hybrid cars is the fact that the batteries are really expensive, apart from fixing a fuel pump or something on a normal gasoline car, if the battery breaks on a hybrid car, your looking at a couple thousands apart from about $60, but hybrid batteries are known to last a long time. Overall the prices are around the same, but hybrids are in the lead by a bit, really your choice if you want to be running on gasoline or electric, eventually everything will move to electric anyways.
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