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“The World is a Dangerous Place to Live; Not because the people who are evil; because the people who do nothing about it.”
Albert was a German Born Theoretical Physicist. He Developed, The theory of relativity. He was one of the two modern Physic People. Albert Einstein was born at Ulm, Wurttemberg, Germany. He was born march 14, 1879. In six weeks the family moved to Munich. He began School at Leopold Gymnasium. He began to move to Italy to Continue Learning at Aarau Switzerland. In 1896 he trained as a teacher in physics and math. He gained his diploma in 1901. He done Swiss Citizenship he did not find a teaching post. He accepted a position at Swiss patent office. He obtained his doctor degree in 1905. Einstein always had a clear view of his problems. He new what to do and what to say. He could visualize and maintain stages on the way to his goal. He thought that Newtonian Mechanics was no longer enough to prove physics and he needs to find a better way. He studied the electromagnet field. He visited the United States with Adolf Hitler come to power in 1933. He did not return b...

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