are children smarter because of the internet

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Technology is the learning tool of new generations. It is easier for kids to focus and learn with items in their everyday lives. Technology is beneficial to students who have it readily available. Technology makes children smarter. From the early 1800’s modern day technology has morphed tremendously. In 1990 the World Wide Web was invented by Tim Berners- Lee. From then on technology sky rocketed from cell phones to laptops. In the early 2000’s cell phones became equipped with internet making everyone mobile, and making it easier to access information. Technology is advancing along with the human mind and younger generations, making it more beneficial for students to learn on a vast scale “Mobile learning technologies enable a more personalized learning experience” (Hoffman). With personalized learning for students there is also a benefit for parents and teachers. While using a cellular device teachers may distrust students at first with their “stereotypical” personalities. With cell phones in schools there is a substantial amount of positives. Parents can get instant communication in case of a family emergency or any school related emergencies. Students can use their phone in the middle of class when they do not have access to a computer to look up information for projects. Gazda 2 Also phones can serve memory aids; students can take pictures of experiments or procedures to remember what they did and why they performed them. Having a cell phone on you can really come in handy when you forget your notepad and pen at home, you can use the voice recording operation to take notes that day. Computers are another useful tool in the classroom; computers in school make learning fun for the children who struggle learning in a regular... ... middle of paper ... ...ositive and negatives when using it; the positives clearly balance out the negatives. It all depends on how each student uses the computer and cell phone in a classroom environment as a benefit to young students, for remembering and learning different skills for their future. Works Cited /The%20m-learning%20project%20-%20technology%20update%20and%20project%20summary.pdf
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