approaching problems

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When most people run into a problem we are quick to defend what we personally perceive to be right. We do not think about different ways to approach problems because we do not plan on a problem arising but the truth is we are faced with potential problems with everything we do in life. There are certain open-minded attributes that we can possess and really have a better understanding of in order to approach problems that may arise. Three of the most important attributes that I will discuss that I feel are important to have when approaching problems are open-mindedness, listening, and surprise. These attributes may not make sense to you now but they will. Open-mindedness is the ability to be critically receptive to other people’s point of views and thoughts. You must be able to open your mind to see past what conclusion you have already formed and be willing to think of other possibilities being possible. Open-mindedness is very important when approaching problems because if you don’t feel that what anyone or anything else is possible then you are constricting so many possibilities and facts in life therefor not allowing yourself to learn and grow. An example of someone who failed in having the attribute of open-mindedness I use my husband. When moving to Texas for his Military relocation, I suggested we purchase a house but he said no because he did not want to own a home in Texas. Without him being open-minded he missed that facts about the growing market and the expansion of the city we live in. Due to him not being open-minded we lost out on a financial gain. The second most important attribute I feel to have when it comes to approaching problems is problem solving. Someone who is a good listener is going to hear each word a... ... middle of paper ... ... to go to her boss to et approval to get them and she ended up getting reprimanded when all she had to do was listen. These are the most three important attributes to have in my opinion when approaching problems. I hope now with a better understanding of them and how to use them we can all become better listeners and never deny the ability that someone might surprise you and always be open-minded when we approach a problem. It is always important to realize that not everything is only surface deep and to really understand we have to dig below the surface in any situation. Works Cited Hare, W. (n.d.). Open-minded inquiry. Retrieved from Paul, R. (n.d.). Critical Thinking: Basic Questions & Answers. Retrieved from
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