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Apple incorporation is operating in several markets: personal computer market, consumer electronics market, mobile phone market and OS/software market. All these markets can be classified under the entertainment and technology industry. The following analyzes and information provides information about changes and challenges in this industry. The PESTLE analyze help to understand the impact of several, most important macro-environmental factors to the entertainment and technology industry generally and to the apple Inc. Political factors. This case does not provide enough information about the impact of this factor, so it is hard to define challenges created by existing regulation. Nevertheless, it is possible to name one of the challenges – copyrights. This industry is connected with movies and music that are protected by copyrights, and companies have to deal with that and insure authors that copyrights are protected. Due to this regulation and strict protection, it was not possible to playback files bought through one company on the other company devices (e.g. music bought on I...

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