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The period of colonization has brought wealth to the Europeans country and to their colonies. Many new products are discovered during these years and new markets are created. However, behind the glorious image of that time period, many activities that are consider immoral today are taken for granted at that time, and one of them, is the trade of slaves. Today, many novels that denounce and critic slavery or even slavers often refer at that time period, and The Book of Negro by Lawrence Hill is one of them. This book tells the amazing story of an African woman who is abducted and enslaved. In this book, the author condemned white people of the period of colonization for being untrustworthy, selfish and unhuman. This is shown by the fact that the antagonists depicted in this book are mostly white people. The Whitherspoons couple, lieutenant Waters and Appleby are some of these examples.

Firstly, the Whitherspoons couple is one of the examples that shows that the author condemns the white people in that time period. First, when Aminata first meets the Whitherspoons couple, Mrs. Whitherspoons is not characterized as an antagonist. But after the couple abducts May, we learned that “The Whitherspoons kept May as a house servant. She was locked in her room at night. She was not allowed to walk about London on her own.” (Hill, 466) This suggests that the Whitherspoons do not treat May as a human being that is equal to them, but rather as a “slave” like servant. Therefore, it condemns the white and wealthy people of treating people equally in the period that slavery is still allowed. Another example that shows the fact that the Whitherspoons is a condemnation of the white people is the characterization of the couple. They are always se...

... middle of paper ... Appleby rapes Aminata when she was his slave. This shows that Appleby do not care about his slaves and Aminata is only an object for him to use. Briefly, Appleby is a figure that the author uses to condemn the white people for treating other man unhumanly and being dishonest. Because he is portraits as an evil man that illustrates the white people during that era.

In conclusion, the author uses the white people in the upper social class to illustrate the evilness of the white people in the era when slavery is still exist. A few examples are the Whitherspoons couple, Lieutenant Waters and Appleby. Although this book shows the evil side of men, it also shows the best of men kind. The journey of Aminata can never be successful without the help of many other black characters who helped without ask her any reward. Therefore, it can also be seen as a celebration for

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