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The story of Antigone was a classic tragedy in Greek literature. She is the most famous ancient Greek tragedian shape as a heroine. Antigone’s Brother was in violation of the national law according to the city-state of the King---Creon, decrees the prohibiting of burial. Antigone was risking her life, courageously and firmly challenges this act, in accordance with the prevailing ritual burial of her brother. When the king, Creon asked her to explain the reason why she has done this, the action of she buried her brother was just a violation of the law, rather than the kind of higher law. Antigone answered that this is the supreme law which they are neither today nor yesterday belong, eternally exists. She was challenging the king.
Creon asked her that if she dares to defy the laws, she admitted it. she also mentioned that it was the laws that are not developed by Zeus. In other words, Justice is not the provisions of these human laws. She did not think that Creon is an earthly mortal, who can click on the Cancel, the God is immutable and unwritten laws; it will never perish; no one knows when they originated.
In this case, Creon in order to safeguard the authority of the law, at the same time he convinces Antigone, from the perspective of the city-state interests against Antigone, he mentioned that Antigone buried her brother, whether was another killed in the desert. Antigone insisted that the logic of love which she did not like to follow the nature to dislike from human, and love to follow what people love with unconditional feelings and unprincipled sad contend polis legal revenge. Later on, Creon did not only announce punishes traitors, but also to punish the Antigone. Creon’s son is a lov...

... middle of paper ... the result of rational reflection, and is based on the instinct of man, as compared with the law blindly without reflection, its law feelings more sincere and enthusiastic. The law will also be in this fight, really rubbing into the hearts of citizens.
In conclusion, tragedy means an event that causes a great suffering, distress like serious accident, crime and unhappy things nowadays. But in Greek literature, “tragedy is the imitation of an action according to the law of probability or necessity.” Antigone is a tragic woman who buried her brother and challenged the king. But actually the king is a tragic character as well. The importance of the most Greek literature is teaching human a lesson. This story is such a classic one that always warning human that this is one kind of tragic story that should not be appeared anymore in the world.
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