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The Details That Keep Showing Up
& Other Recurring Events In Animal Farm by George Orwell

George Orwell’s allegorical novella Animal Farm has many recurring trends. It takes you through a significant time in Manor Farm’s (later renamed Animal Farm) history and it all begins with the death of Old Major. He’s a humble prize-winning boar who dies three days after he shares his dream of a utopian farm. After his death, Snowball, a notorious pig, proposes a plan to build a windmill, which would shorten the work load but be hard work. At the beginning, the farm animals are prosperous and self-reliant until the pigs’ actions reflect those of Mr. Jones, the farmer who brutally mistreated the animals. The story mirrors the events of the Russian Revolution and the rise of Joseph Stalin through the harshness of the pig Napoleon as leader of the farm animals.

The animals put down a lot of effort into building the windmill which is the base of many repeatedly occurring actions. When the animals begin building, Boxer,a diligent horse, begins to show far more effort than the other animals. Boxer works hard during both construction times (the original windmill was later destroyed). His two slogans ‘I will work harder’ and ‘Napoleon is always right,’ seemed to him a sufficient way to answer all problems. He had made arrangements with the cockerel to call him three-quarters of an hour earlier in the mornings…(Page 65). By waking up early Boxer shows he is committed. Not just Boxer but all of the other animals are compelled to work for the better of the farm. While you are reading you’ll notice that the animals are constantly working, rain or shine, and that’s something the author definitely makes clear.

The farm animals put a lot of hard work in...

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...nd overthrown our windmill? SNOWBALL!’(Page 62)! Napoleon tried to put the blame on Snowball, the original leader of animal farm, to keep his position throughout the story. He does this many times not just to scare the others of Snowball but also to empower himself. Snowball was also blamed for the missing food supplies from the animal’s previous harvest, just to instill fear in the others. The comrades were lied to, used and unequally treated all for the better of the pigs with the windmill being the center of it all.

Many recurring parts of Animal Farm revolved around the windmill. The building of the windmill itself, the priority and manipulation of the pigs and the efforts the other animals wasted were recurring trends that started with the windmill and just like a windmill went around and around, constantly showing up again and again.

Liam Ryan
February 2014
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