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In the case of Jura Canton, the procedure was more complicated than the normal one. First the electorate of the old Canton-Berne had to vote for the separation of a part of the territory, then the districts bordering on the proposed new Cantonal borderline had to express their choice for one or the other Cantons and finally the people and the Cantons of Switzerland had to give their final verdict . The creation of this Canton shows that through its political institutions and its federalism Switzerland is able to find a peaceful solution to minority problems in a way that is acceptable to the majority of those involved. In case of unifying two Basles in 1947 after attaning the support of majority of voters of two half cantons the government of basle country forwarded a request in the national assembly for the unification of two half cantons according to the terms proposed to the federal government to approve a single constitution it was pointed that at the time of division it had been agreed that they could reunite at any future date ,found to be desirable. The council of states in 1947 refused the request the national congress also rejected their request in 1948 the reason given was that “a constitutional amendment was necessary for approval, rather than an action by the Legislature, since the names of both half-Cantons appear in Article 1 of the Constitution” . In 1960, again there was a demand which was put forward and was approved by the majority of 16,500 in favor of unification and 12,000 against it. The grand councils of the two half cantons petitioned to the federal legislature to reconsider their earlier decisions. Their request was successful in june 1969 the National Assembly approved the new provisions in the constituti... ... middle of paper ... ... ibid The Federal Government of Switzerland, by G.A. Codding Jr pg 37-38 ibid ibid ibid The Australian constitution chap VI new states ibid The Constitution of the Commonwealth of Australia, by R.D. Lumb, K.W. Ryan 1974 pg 353 Supra note 46 Australian constitution The australian constitution chapter V The States Territorial Changes in the States and Territories of the Commonwealth in The Constitution of the Commonwealth of Australia by R.D. Lumb, K.W. Ryan The Political System in Canada, Canada: by Eugene A. Forsev 1989, p. 5. Ibid pg 15 State boundary changes by S.S sharma pg 43 ibid

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