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Amplifiers come in multiple classes and they are class A, B, AB,C,D,E,F,G,and class H there are also many types of sub classes. They are divided up into different classes because each type of amplifier delivers its power differently, as well as its efficiency. Amplifiers are many types of equipment they are in things like ear buds as well as antennas. Now to dig a little deeper into classes A-D we will go through each class one by one.

Class A amplifiers bias a single active device witch in most cases is a transistor. When you bias a amplifier this means you are limiting an input signal to a specific current. Class A amplifiers work in a linear conduction region during the complete input cycle. All a linear conduction region means is that the output of the amplifier will be proportional to its input. The efficacy of class A amplifiers is not that fantastic at an idle state the power consumption is nearly the same as when it as full output volume. A professional piece of gear that uses a class A amplifier is the Phoenix Audio Nice Stereo DI.

Class B amplifiers are generally used in battery operated devices like old radios. Class B amps only amplify half of the original input signal so this creates a lot of distortion. That is why they are used in situations where clarity of your audio signal is not the most important thing. They could be used for their efficiency they are about 80 percent more efficient than class A amplifiers.

Class AB amplifiers resemble class B amps except that their devices are biased so during the input cycle there is an overlapping point where they are both conducting. So when the signal is at the output stage the transition in much smoothers at the crossover point. Class AB amplifiers take away some ...

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...ere is a huge range in quality of audio there are some that are sub-par and some that will blow your mind. A lot of audio geeks will complain about a very tiny range of dynamics and a thin low end.
So there they all are amplifier classes A,B,AB, and D they all have their own pros and cons and it is up to you the consumer to sift through all the different products out their to find one to meet your needs and your personal taste.

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