american rhino

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AMERICAN RHINO It was one fine afternoon at Mt.Mansfield. The birds were chirping, The grass was green, but the sky was deep soulless gray. we were nearly at the top of the mountain when *BOOM* a speck of yellow flashes in the sky. then the tears of the god start to come down on us. “John, we should find some shelter and wait this out, before we continue to the cabin”, “alright” john agrees to. 3 hours later the rain stop luckily we found shelter under a sweet pine tree. The smell of the pine and the rain gave a sweet, soothing glories smell that would make your olfactory blow up in sensation. As we started up for the mountain I hear someone call my name like almost whispering it. “johnnnnn”........” johnnnnn”......” come here John, i'm over by the rock john” I quickly rotate my head too the rock and see nothing. Jeana looks at me and asked what my problem was. “nothing, nothing thought I heard my name” jeana knew that John was different than others, but since that he is a popular football player he would blend in. ¨there it is, there it is!¨ jenna said in a sort of exc...

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