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When did American Literature begin? -with the Native Americans Three dominant characteristics/themes of Native American Literature? 1. Relationship with the land 2. Belief in the Great Manito 3. Use of natural images How did Columbus describe the New World? -astonishing, colorful, marvelous speed of the canoes, a paradise Identify: -Bay Psalm Book: first book published in America -manito: spiritual forces -Walum Olum: painted record -allusion: reference to something -concrete language: short, forceful, cleaner -conceit: controlling image -analogy: comparison -simile: direct comparison using like or as -metaphor: saying it is something its not -antonyms: two opposite words -irony: opposite of what's supposed to happen -sarcasm: low form of irony -Great Awakening: fervent revival of religious dedication -pictographs: word pictures Compare and contrast the literature of Puritans and the southern colonies. -Puritans: simple, religious, practical, examining of spiritual selves, communicated ideas clearly, explained Biblical interpretation -Southerners: flashy, flowery, ornate, complicated, decorative What is the purpose of ‘A Description of New England?' How does the author go about meeting this purpose? -to get people to move to New England; exaggerates the good, doesn't mention the bad What does TULIP stand for? Explain each point. -Total Depravity/inability -Unconditional election/selection -Limited Atonement -Irresistible grace -Perseverance/preservation for the saints Identify the conceit of ‘In Reference to Her Children' and ‘Huswifery' &nb... ... middle of paper ... ...ial encounter with the Devil, wife's involvement, terms of tom's deal, occupation, Tom's fate. Translate Thanatopsis. Summarize Bryant's thanatopsis. -‘view of death,' Bryant's view was deaath is one with nature, be with other great people who have gone before, etc. Define: -meter: regular rhythm in poetry, unit of meter -foot of poetry: stressed/unstressed syllables/ one stressed two unstressed syllables How is the Black Cat an example of Romantic Literature? -focus on self and individual, fascination with the supernatural, gothic Compare and contrast the following views on the dark side of humanity: -Death Instinct/Spirit o Perverseness: Freud and Poe–dark side is constantly present -Sinful Nature: Christianity–there is a way out According to Montressor, what are the two requirements of meaningful revenge? -can't be consumed by it, once you've taken your revenge, drop it -don't let the person know you're upset with them and seeking revenge

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