alex rodriguez

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Sports have influenced society since the beginning of time. They have a significant impact on society in several aspects such as: economically, socially, and politically. The impact of Major League Baseball is prevalent, it is one of the old past times where families of different socioeconomic status indulge in to watch their favorite athlete(s). Major League Baseball is known for having the highest paid professional athletes. These baseball players earn well over a million dollars per season just to start. As their fame increases, their contract increases, and the pressure mounts up endlessly. The pressure to remain the best, and be the best is always at an all-time high. While this pressure is immense, sometimes it ruins the legacy, and the honesty of the sport and player. The salary alone is well over what most average Americans make, and bring home in a year to feed, clothe, and shelter their families. This impacts the way the younger generation thinks about their decisions in life. A lot of young men have the aspiration of gracing the Major League Baseball diamond to secure this exact income, and securing their future. The desire is to obtain as much money as possible to assist not only themselves, but their family members. What is shown on television as being the perfect and pompous lifestyle isn’t always what’s cracked up to be. Behind the scenes, these players are fighting for their positions, trying to break records to remain relevant. This is sometimes accompanied by the utilization of performance enhancing drugs which are illegal, and outlined thoroughly in every contract. PEDs are a way of honestly advancing one’s career, and allowing for a professional athlete to perform at a higher level and rate than their teammate... ... middle of paper ... ... and fought his battle. While others before him were convicted of using these drugs such as Barry Bonds, and Jose Canseco, they used Alex as an example of what will occur for this repeated behavior. He was handed the longest suspension for cheating in the entire history of Major League Baseball. In connection, this is an example to show viewers and spectators of this sport what cheating will do to you. Major League arbitrator Fredric Horowitz failed to believe anything that came from Alex Rodriguez’s mouth, and laid the hammer down in regards to his dishonesty and irresponsibility a professional athlete. In Frederic’s perspective Rodriguez had no business using these drugs to gain notoriety. Rodriguez had to forgo his entire salary for the 2014 season, which was worth more than 20 million dollars, along with any other bonuses and incentives he would have received.
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