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Albert Einstein's Early Life

Einstein was born in Ulm, Germany on Mar. 14, 1879. Einstein's parents, who were non observant Jews, moved from Ulm to Munich when Einstein was an infant. The family business was the manufacture of electrical parts. When the business failed, in 1894, the family moved to Milan, Italy. At this time Einstein decided officially to relinquish his German citizenship. Within a year, still without having completed secondary school, Einstein failed an examination that would have allowed him to pursue a course of study leading to a diploma as an electrical engineer at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology. He spent the next year in nearby Aarau at the cantonal secondary school, where he enjoyed excellent teachers and first-rate facilities in physics. Einstein returned in 1896 to the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, where he graduated, in 1900 as a secondary school teacher of mathematics and physics.

After two years he obtained a post at the Swiss patent office in Bern. The patent-office work required Einstein's careful attention, but while employed (1902-09) there, he completed an astonishing range of publications in theoretical physics. For the most part these texts were written in his spare time and without the benefit of close contact with either the scientific literature or theoretician colleagues. Einstein submitted one of his scientific papers to the University of Zurich to obtain a Ph.D. degree in 1905. In 1908 he sent a second paper to the University of Bern and became a lecturer there. The next year Einstein received a regular appointment as associate professor of physics at the University of Zurich.

By 1909, Einstein was recognized throughout German-speaking Europe as a leading scientific thinker. In quick succession he held professorships at the German University of Prague and at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology. In 1914 he advanced to the most prestigious and best-paying post that a theoretical physicist could hold in central Europe, professor at the Kaiser-Wilhelm Gesellschaft in Berlin.
The 1905 Papers

In the first of three seminal papers that were published in 1905, Einstein examined the phenomenon discovered by Max Planck, according to which electromagnetic energy seemed to be emitted from radiating objects in quantities that were ultimately discrete. The energy of these emitted quantities, the so...

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... Study.

1936: Elsa dies after a brief illness.

1939: World War II begins. Einstein writes a famous letter to
President Franklin D. Roosevelt warning of the possibility of
Germany's building an atomic bomb and urging nuclear research.

1940: Einstein becomes an American citizen; retains Swiss citizenship. 1949: Mileva dies.

1955: Einstein dies of heart failure on April 16.
An Albert Einstein Poem

This poem was written by a fifth grader and e-mailed to me. This just goes to show that Einstein is still inspiring people today.

Albert Einstein
Albert Einstein works diligently in his basement his piece of chalk moves swiftly across the chalkboard jotting down equations and formulas and the question remains what secrets of the universe will be unlocked tonight?

but we’ll have to wait for the Master to give us the key we’ll have to wait for him to go on an infinite search through his mind to find the key to find the answer the Master looks everywhere and finally finds the key

the Master inserts the key and in an instant there are endless possibilities - fantasy becomes reality and dreams are no longer just images and the way we think of light, sound and space is changed forever!
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