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The new workforce is challenging the belief of respect your elders because the new workforce is challenging these beliefs as leadership positions are being swallowed up by twenty-some-things on a fast track to success. How do you deal with employees that are older than you? Very careful? Young bosses are now managing employees old enough to be their parents, and there is definitely a very thin line between assertiveness and arrogance as far as the older workers are concerned. Older workers are concerned that young leaders have patronizing attitudes and a tendency to micromanage. Listen to your employees, but above all, respect them. Whether you're older or younger than your staff, respect is still an integral part of being a leader. On the other hand, don't be intimated by your staff's age. After all, you are still the leader. You're in a position that commands respect, and don't ever forget that. While you certainly don't want to come off as condescending or arrogant, you still have to maintain your leadership status. Areas of employment discrimination can generally be recognized...

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